Amazon Alexa’s latest launch, with Alexa on the brain

Alexa’s newest launch will make its way to the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, as the Echo Dot will now be Amazon’s first “personal assistant.”

The Echo Dot is expected to debut this summer with a price tag of $159.99.

The Echo is expected not to ship with Amazon’s voice assistant feature, which allows the device to interact with Alexa devices and programs.

Amazon has previously announced that it would begin rolling out Alexa to Echo devices this summer, which will be made available to customers on the Echo’s Web app.

Amazon plans to launch the Alexa app for the Echo and Dot in the coming weeks.

The app will include “add-ons” for “e-commerce, video-conferencing, weather, news, sports, and more,” according to Amazon.

The Alexa app will also include “a simple voice interface for reading books and playing music.”

In the meantime, users can listen to audio books, watch videos, and stream music to their Echo and other devices via Alexa.

Users will also be able to create their own music playlists and create “personalised playlists for you and your friends.”

The Amazon Echo’s new features and new features will be released over the coming months.

Amazon said in a blog post that it has also expanded its Alexa-enabled Alexa-powered devices, including the Echo Show, Echo Dot and Echo Light, to include “smart home and smart kitchen” features.

“We’re also excited to introduce a whole new type of smart home to the Alexa platform,” the blog post said.

The “smart kitchen” feature will be “more intelligent and powerful” than the existing “smart food” feature, Amazon said.

For now, Amazon is also rolling out “addictive voice search,” allowing Alexa to respond to users’ commands to “make food for you.”

Amazon also said it will offer a “new kind of personal assistant,” including the ability to “talk” with Alexa, including using voice commands to search the Internet.