Chinese manufacturer to sell products in Australia via the ecommerce marketplace

ecommerce Australia’s new ecommerce platform, Tesco, is set to launch in Sydney’s CBD and Melbourne’s CBD.

The company says the launch will be live on Sunday, December 18, with the eCommerce Australia eCommerce Awards taking place on Monday, December 19, and will be broadcast live on ABC TV.

“Our aim is to provide consumers with a convenient and fast way to shop online for products that they can trust,” Tesco CEO Paul Chia said in a statement.

The launch is a response to the challenges faced by ecommerce players, particularly those that operate in China, with many retailers experiencing difficulties getting their products into the market.

In response, TesCo will offer a range of online and offline products that customers can use to order or track their purchases.

“We will provide products to help customers track their shopping and find products that fit their lifestyle,” Mr Chia added.

“This is a great opportunity to get in front of the customer and show them that Tesco is here to help.”

Ms Wang said the launch would be an important moment for the Chinese ecommerce industry.

“In China, we’ve seen a rise in ecommerce as more and more brands start to open up,” Ms Wang said.

“The opportunity to make a name for yourself in China by offering a better product is a really important opportunity for us.”

The launch comes as Australia gears up to welcome Chinese e-commerce companies into its retail ecosystem.

The Chinese eCommerce Association is working to develop a regulatory framework for e-Commerce in Australia, with one of the biggest challenges for ecommerce companies is getting their goods into stores, especially in the country’s highly urbanised cities.

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