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1 of 4 A survey by the McKinsey Global Institute and Global Business Consulting, finds that e-commerce companies worldwide employ around 20 million workers.

However, only a quarter of them earn a living wage.

“The biggest problem in the e-commission market is that the vast majority of companies don’t have any employees and it is not possible to attract or retain them,” said the McKinseys study.

“This has resulted in a highly fragmented workforce with little or no experience and no clear direction on how to improve the performance of their employees,” said Tim Paine, a partner with McKinsey in its E-Commerce Salary and Workforce Solutions Group.

The study also found that the most common areas of concern in the job market are: lack of diversity, poor pay, and a lack of training and mentoring.

As a result, there is an ongoing push for more training and support for those working in e-Commerce.

In Canada, a growing number of companies are also looking to hire employees through job fairs and online job boards.

“I think that these companies are looking to recruit more employees as part of their growth strategy,” said Erin Krieger, a research associate at McKinsey.

“There is a huge amount of money being spent to attract employees and I think there is a desire for companies to be able to identify the talent that is best for their business model.”

The study estimates that a quarter million workers will need to be trained in order to take on a role in eCommerce, which includes marketing, human resources, marketing strategy, operations, business development, HR, finance, and human resource management.

“We don’t know how long that will take,” said Krieberg.

“At some point, we will need more people to be in the business.

The question is, how many?”