How the internet could change the way we think about fashion and what’s next

MTV News has revealed that it is launching a new show on Amazon Prime, which will feature fashion experts from the UK and US discussing fashion trends, brands and fashion news.

The new show, called Fashion & Fashion, will debut on Prime next month.

Fashion & Style will feature more than 200 fashion experts and influencers on a regular basis, including the likes of the fashion editor of the UK’s The Independent, the fashion blogger and fashion designer Emily O’Reilly, fashion writer Rebecca Pape, fashion columnist and fashion blogger Joanna Robinson, fashion blogger Claire Williams and fashion writer Claire Parson.

The show will also feature an array of other fashion luminaries, including designer Kate Moss, fashion director Rebecca Giesbrecht and the fashion director of Vogue UK, the former Victoria Beckham.

The format will allow the show to be watched by anyone, regardless of where they are.

The series will be hosted by fashion expert and author Laura B. Walker, who previously spoke at the World Fashion Design Conference, as well as fashion journalists, bloggers, fashion designers, influencers and other fashion industry experts. 

“As a fashion journalist, it’s a privilege to have the opportunity to share the latest trends and fashion trends from around the world, and to collaborate with fashion experts who share their passion for their craft,” Walker said in a statement.

“This show is part of our ambition to help consumers understand the significance of fashion and how it affects their lives, and in doing so, empower them to make the right choices for themselves, their loved ones and the brands they love.”

Fashion & Fashions is an attempt to be more relevant to the fashion world by using the power of the internet to help people connect and share information about fashion.

The first episode of Fashion & fashions will be on Prime on January 20, 2019. 

The show will be presented by Fashion & fashion’s Executive Editor Laura B Walker, fashion journalist Rebecca Pampin, fashion editor Emily O’treilly and fashion and fashion influencer and blogger Claire Pampen, as part of the BBC’s “BEST OF” series.

The BBC’s website describes the show as an interactive fashion and lifestyle programme with guest hosts, which features interviews with fashion, fashion design and fashion journalists and fashion designers.

The fashion and fashional experts will be present to discuss the latest fashion trends and trends from all over the world and to offer insight into how they influence people’s lives. 

“We have a very unique opportunity to explore the fashion and clothing industry and how we can work together to support people to find their true identity,” said Baroness Gildernew, BBC News Digital’s senior creative director for the fashion business. 

According to the BBC, the programme will be “an opportunity for us to connect with fashion journalists around the UK to share what they are seeing and what they think is really important about their career.” 

“I am really excited about the opportunities this show will provide for the BBC,” said Ms Walker.

“We have such a huge amount of expertise in this field and we are looking forward to sharing our expertise and understanding of the industry and our role in the world.” 

B&F fashion expert Rebecca Papes, who is currently on a tour of the US with fashion brand Mimi, also expressed her excitement. 

She told The Independent: “The BBC is the perfect platform for this to happen.

It is going to be a very special experience to travel and meet people from all walks of life, and it will be an opportunity to get to know them more personally.” 

The first episode will be available to watch via the BBC iPlayer, with episodes available for purchase through Amazon Prime. 

In a recent article for The Telegraph, Kate Moss said the show was a dream come true.

“I was so excited to be on stage and talk to the people who are so passionate about fashion, and the world that we live in,” she said.

“When I look back on this show, I can only imagine how excited we all were.

It has taken me two years to get here, and I will be able to tell everyone about the inspiration behind this amazing show. 

This article originally appeared on  The Telegraph .