How to get your ecommerce plugin to work with Cortana, Cortana-powered ads and other smart products

Cortana, the smart assistant that helps you manage your eCommerce site, is one of the most popular products in Microsoft’s Windows 10 suite.

It is powered by a new Cortana API, and its features include automated sales and customer support.

You can read more about Cortana and the upcoming Cortana-enabled apps on our blog.

Microsoft is also working to make the Cortana API available to third-party developers.

One of the key features of Cortana is that you can interact with it using the Bing Search API, which Microsoft introduced in November 2015.

This allows you to use Bing search to find products in a search box, search your web history, and perform searches using Cortana.

The Bing API is the default API for Cortana, and you can access it through the Windows Store or

This means that you’ll be able to create apps that use Bing and Cortana to interact with Cortana-driven products.

If you’re using the Windows 10 Universal app, you can also get Cortana on your PC.

In the Windows Insider preview, we were able to install the Cortana SDK and use it to add Cortana to several products, including the Windows Phone 8.1 Universal app.

The app also uses Bing Search APIs to access your history and create new shopping lists.

Microsoft says that the Bing SDK will be available to developers in the coming months.

One new app Microsoft has released to the Windows store is the Cortana app.

This app is designed to help you find, add, and manage your Cortana-led shopping lists and products.

It works similar to how you might use Bing Search.

You’ll be asked to create a shopping list, and then Cortana will prompt you to add items to your shopping list.

If the shopping list you’re currently creating is not set up correctly, Cortana will suggest that you use a different shopping list to add the items.

The idea is that this new way to interact and manage the Cortana shopping list is more efficient and flexible.

The new Cortana app can be installed using the Store.

Once installed, you’ll see a small icon next to the Cortana search box.

This is the “Add to Cortana” icon.

This icon indicates that the Cortana service is installed on your computer and that you’re now ready to start interacting with the Cortana-based products you have selected.

Once the Cortana product you’ve selected has been added, you will be asked if you want to proceed.

Select Yes to continue.

Cortana will then open the “My Shopping List” app.

To add a new product to your list, you need to use the Cortana interface and enter a name for the product.

The product’s name is displayed in the app, along with the product’s product name, description, and pricing.

To change the product, just click on the “Change” button on the top right of the list.

This will open the Product Manager screen, which allows you access to all the products that are part of the shopping lists you have created.

If there are multiple products in your shopping lists, you should also be able, by clicking on the + button next to each product name to add it to your current shopping list or to your next shopping list if the product already exists.

Cortana’s Product Manager app shows you a list of products that you have previously added to your new shopping list and also allows you, as an administrator, to view your shopping history.

You will see a “New Shopping List…” button next the “List of Products…” in the Product manager.

You then need to select the “Sell” tab.

This lets you specify which products are included in your new list, then click on “Buy” to add that product to the shopping cart.

Once you have completed the steps, you are presented with the “Review Your Shopping List…” screen.

In this screen, you see the items you have added to the new list and a list containing the items currently in the list that you wish to sell.

Click on “Close” to close the Product List and the shopping screen.

You now have a new shopping cart that you should use to sell products.

Once that has been done, you may click on any product to view its details and to add products to your “Buy List” or “Sale List.”

You can then click “Close.”

The product is displayed on the shopping page, along a list, of other products that have been added to that product’s list.

You should see a notification that indicates the list has been closed.

Cortana is now installed and available to interactively interact with products in the Windows device store.

If a product is in your list that is not currently on your shopping cart, you won’t be able interactively use the product to sell it.

Instead, Cortana prompts you to either purchase or cancel the product and ask you to confirm that you want the product returned to your account.

Cortana automatically returns the product if you’re not interested in the product