How to play the Euro 2016 qualifiers

As the tournament enters its second round, Euro 2016 qualifying is one of the more intriguing qualifiers to watch. 

With the qualifying tournament set to start on April 2, Euro 2012 winner Portugal and Italy will play a friendly on April 5. 

Both teams will then play a round of friendlies on April 6. 

If Portugal and Germany win those, then it’s the first round of Euro 2016. 

However, it’s important to remember that Portugal and England have already qualified, so it would be foolish to take the Portugal-England friendly for granted. 

What is Euro 2016? 

The qualification format is different to the last edition, as there are five teams from each European confederation. 

Euro 2016 qualifiers are divided into four groups of eight teams each. 

The two groups are drawn using a four-team format, and the winner of each group advances to the group stage. 

Germany, France and Italy qualified in the first edition, while Portugal and Spain did not qualify. 

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