How to register ecommerce through Google for India

Google is planning to open ecommerce registration through Google commerce registration in India.

The search giant has been working on the initiative for the last few years and now the company is ready to roll out the platform on October 21, 2016.

Google commerce is the online marketplace that can be used to register and sell goods and services to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The portal will also provide users with a means of registering their goods and offering products for sale.

Google is also working on a platform for offline merchants that would be available only in India and will be able to offer products to their customers for the same price that they pay online. 

The launch of the Google commerce platform in India will be a boon for Indian ecommerce companies.

The country has witnessed a lot of growth in the ecommerce sector in the last three years, with ecommerce company Snapdeal opening up shop in Mumbai, Flipkart going public, Ola going public and more recently, Flipboard.

Google’s ecommerce platform will also allow Indian companies to market their products directly to consumers.

Google will be launching its ecommerce portal on October 1, 2016, but its not clear if its going to be open to all Indian consumers. 

“We are very excited to launch our new online marketplace for ecommerce in India,” Google’s founder and CEO Sundar Pichai said. 

In his keynote address at the IITs Technology Innovation Forum, Pichay also announced that Google will also launch its e-commerce platform in the country by the end of March. 

Google has partnered with Indian e-retailer and retailer, Flipkick.

Flipkick has opened its online marketplace in India, with plans to launch the service in the next few months. 

 India’s e-tailers are not alone in the push to open up ecommerce to the masses.

In October, Indian e retailer Flipkarts had launched its own ecommerce store to compete with Flipkand and Snapdeal, as well as a new competitor to Snapdeal.

Snapdeal has also launched a similar platform called Snapdeal India, which allows users to register their goods for sale on its platform and offers them a platform where they can sell them for a low price. 

A few months back, Flipkat launched a ecommerce marketplace in Pakistan, called ‘Pakistan e-Commerce’. 

In November, Flipktricks first offline store, GoGo Shop, launched its online store to cater to the Indian market. 

On November 2, Google announced that it had entered into an agreement with Snapdeal to launch a ‘Snapdeal India’ marketplace on October 31, 2016 for the Indian consumers in the city of Hyderabad.