MS’s MSFT and Intel join forces to boost the global semiconductor market

By Michael ChielliniMicrosoft has teamed up with Intel to bolster the global market for microprocessors.

The technology giant and Intel announced today that the companies will jointly explore the opportunities of the semiconductor manufacturing sector.

Microsoft will provide expertise to Intel in research and development, manufacturing, supply chain management, product marketing and logistics to help grow the semiconductors industry globally.

Intel is expected to begin supplying microprocessor-based chips for Microsoft’s Surface tablet, and will help Microsoft build a manufacturing plant in China.

Intel will also be the manufacturer of a new high-end graphics processor, Intel Xeon Phi.

Microsoft said that it will also work with the Intel Corporation to expand the use of semiconducting in Microsoft products.

Microsoft has been aggressively investing in the semicamproducts industry, including its own hardware manufacturing, to build its own chip manufacturing facilities in China and other parts of the world.

Last year, Microsoft opened a new semiconductor research and technology center in Seattle, Washington, and it plans to expand its manufacturing capacity there.