The Biggest Scam of 2017

A total of 13 different people have been charged with scamming the online retailer, Kmart, of selling a variety of items.

The company says it has identified the alleged sellers through a detailed review of their transactions, and they have been identified as:A man who says he is a sales associate who sells merchandise on Kmart’s website but is not affiliated with the company;A woman who allegedly sells goods online but is no longer affiliated with Kmart; andA man accused of selling goods online and also on KMart’s website, but who is no relation to the woman who sold them.

The Kmart spokesperson said the company was working with authorities to “determine the scope of this scam.”

The company has also released a statement to CBC News, which reads: “We are investigating the fraudulent activity in this case and working with law enforcement authorities to determine the scope and scope of the fraud.”

“We’re working with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to identify the individuals who may have engaged in the fraud.

We also have a full investigation underway.”