The latest eCommerce tools that are getting better with the latest update

CVS and Rite Aid are among the first retailers to receive a new update that brings them in line with Apple’s latest changes to its eCommerce platform.

The new version of Apple’s eCommerce apps includes a new interface, new design elements and a new “buy now” option that allows users to place a purchase and have the price displayed in the cart at the end of the transaction.

In a statement, Apple said it is adding these features to Apple’s iOS devices and iBooks, while adding “enhanced support for payment card data in the latest versions of the apps”.

Apple said “we’re also introducing a new payment option in the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch app that lets you buy products at checkout.”

The latest version of the app also includes an additional “buy online” option to allow users to buy from a website instead of the store.

In addition to Apple, the iOS app also adds support for third-party payment processors, including PayPal and Venmo.

The new update also adds a new cart item option, which lets users place a cart item in the shopping cart at checkout to pay for products.

Users can now set a maximum order amount, and a shopping cart item to be displayed at checkout, for any order.

Users also now have a “buy today” option when purchasing items at checkout.

“We are constantly adding more great features to our apps, and are committed to improving our services for our customers,” Apple said in the statement.

“We are also making some improvements to the shopping experience on our iOS and iBook apps.

We hope you like these improvements, and if you do, we invite you to send us your feedback and suggestions.”

The latest version also brings a new shopping cart option for Apple Pay purchases.

It shows a list of products in the Cart menu, allowing users to make a payment or add a new item to their cart, which will be delivered to the customer.

The updated Apple Store app also introduces a new option for shopping, which allows users access to Apple Pay transactions and can be used to make payments for products and services at checkout for up to 30 days.