The top 50 cities for e commerce reporting in 2018

Google is making it easier to track the popularity of e-commerce sites.

The search giant has made it easier for consumers to report the popularity and popularity trends of their favorite sites on its search results pages, according to a report published by eCommerceScore.

EcommerceScore says it now displays more e-business sites on the Google results pages of some of the top 100 e-marketing sites on

It also found that the number of pages with a number of ecommerce businesses has increased from 2,919 in 2016 to 5,063 in 2018.

E-commerceScore’s rankings are based on the popularity ranking of the 50 most visited websites and the number ranking on the search engine.

The rankings were based on a ranking of total Alexa traffic of the most visited sites, combined with total search volume and average monthly traffic for the most popular e-markets on Amazon, Google and Bing.

Amazon is number one in the Alexa rankings for e-book sales, which means the company has more ecommerce sites on their results pages than any other retailer.

That means Amazon is in a unique position to see more sites rank higher on Google results.