Trump campaign hires ‘super PACs’ to boost campaign finance

POLITICO’s Jennifer Jacobs reports on a Trump campaign that has hired a super PAC to bolster its efforts to raise money and recruit new volunteers in its effort to win over voters and win over the GOP base.

The Trump campaign’s super PAC is called “Make America Number 1” and has raised more than $3.5 million since the end of May, the campaign said in a statement.

It is seeking to attract 5,000 new volunteers and 5,400 new supporters through a Facebook event page and a website, the statement said.

The campaign said that its campaign has also launched a new digital ad blitz, called “The Campaign: Make America Number One,” that it plans to launch in the next few days.

Trump has faced criticism over the number of people he’s asked to support his candidacy, and the Trump campaign said it would hire a third party candidate to assist in that effort.

Trump’s campaign announced earlier this month that it would be hiring a third-party candidate, Paul Nehlen, to work in the role of pollster and consultant.

Nehlen is a former Wisconsin state senator who served as chief of staff to former President Barack Obama in 2012.

He said in January that he plans to run for Senate in Wisconsin in 2018.