Why I love this new Nike Basketball shoe for the summer

I know you’re all in a rush to get your kicks in before the start of the NBA season.

But as far as summer sneaker releases go, this Nike Basketball is one of my personal favorites.

There’s no denying the sneaker’s timelessness.

And if it was only Nike’s summer-ready version that you were looking for, it’s there for you.

The shoe features a 3D printed design that was inspired by the city of San Francisco, with a bold blue color palette.

The Nike Basketball has a midsole with a 3-D printed sole.

The upper features a woven mesh upper with a mesh back that offers a cushioned feel and breathability.

And while the shoe is still fairly thin (just 5.3mm at the bottom of the shoe), it’s still comfortable enough for most basketball players.

The footbed is made from a mesh material and the sole is made out of a synthetic outsole.

The outsole is made with a stretchy, flexible material that is incredibly flexible and provides a great feel when you walk it.

And the Nike Basketball comes in two colorways, with the most popular of the two being white.

The white version of the Nike basketball comes in a white colorway with the Air Force 2 logo on the front and black on the back.

The Air Force 3 comes in both white and black versions.

While the Nike Air Force 1 is currently the most expensive NBA shoe, the Nike Nike Basketball looks to be one of the most affordable summer sneakers.

The Adidas Air Force 7 and Nike Air Jordan 7 have been around for a few years now, but the Nike Ball is the latest addition to the Air force lineup.

The shoes are available in a wide range of colorways and styles, but these are the best sneakers I’ve seen so far.

They’re a great summer shoe for those looking for something a little more premium than Nike’s usual summer shoes.

You can find Nike Basketball shoes on eBay for as little as $200 or as high as $500.

For more on the best summer shoes for the money, be sure to check out our best sneakers for the price guide.